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How to Easily Select a Web Host

Selecting A Web Host Getting the right web hosting service for you is quite a daunting task, simply because of the number of different providers out there. Just by conducting a quick Google search, you will find that there are plenty of service providers to choose from. As a casual website owner, you will be […]

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Service?

Every successful blog is fueled by excellent web hosting services. Are you currently looking for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia? It’s okay to be quite confused at first. Most newbies also don’t know where to begin. If you are planning to create a blog in WordPress, many professionals would recommended a WordPress hosting […]

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Web Hosting 101: Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

What is exactly is a dedicated server? If you want your website to be successful in the long run, you will need a dedicated server. Make sure that your web pages can use all the resources available. As its name implies, a dedicated server has all the resources dedicated to particular users. Your Resources Are […]

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