6 Tips on How To Take Care of Your Watch

1. Depend on reputable watch professionals.

Buying men’s watches, and watches for women in Malaysia is not easy. Thus, once you get hold
of that beautiful timepiece, take care of it well. When it comes to the most meticulous aspects of watch care, depend on the reputable professionals.

Don’t open the watch all by yourself. Opening it means exposing it to dirt, dust and other particles.

2. Understand how your timepiece works.

Read the manual of your watch. Whether you have an automatic watch or a sports watch, follow the tips on the manual. Keep in mind that every watch has its own needs. All of the information in that little book is important.

3. Take care of the watch’s crystal.

Take extra care of the watch’s crystal. This is pretty obvious, but it is still worth mentioning. Be very careful when you are wearing your timepiece. Don’t bang it against a wall, or against other objects that can cause scratches.

4. Don’t throw away the watch box.

Keep the watch box for storage. If you are not wearing your timepiece, just keep it inside the box it came in. Keep in mind that setting the watch on its side can get it scratched or damaged. Put it inside the watch box to keep it safe and sound.

5. Limit sun exposure.

Avoid sun exposure. Believe it or not, sunlight can fade away the color of your timepiece.
Moreover, heat can shorten your watch battery’s life. Don’t ever place it under direct sunlight.

6. Keep it away from chemicals.

Avoid close contact with cleaning supplies and other harmful chemicals. Perfume can damage your watch band, and cause it to tear. When spraying cologne or perfume, let it dry first before wearing the watch on your wrist.