4 Affiliate Marketing Tips for a Rapidly Change World

Affiliate marketing is now getting some of the biggest changes in its varied history. The advancements in digital technology give way to major changes that could affect the life of advertisers and affiliate marketers in ways that no one could have ever imagined a couple of years ago.

With the ongoing advancements of artificial intelligence and the implementation of the new changes of the EU’s GDPR guidelines, the industry is set to change as we know it today.

So, with all of these changes, how can you take advantage of a rapidly changing industry? Here are some tips:

Decentralized Data

By now, you’ve probably heard about Blockchain technology. Without going too technical, this technology was mainly used back then as a means to authenticate bitcoin transactions.

However, the technology is actually quite massive in its implications; so much so that it has been used in other industries as well- such as affiliate marketing, for example.

One of the very first companies that made use of this technology was Attrace. The company used blockchain to help improve transparency, prevent fraud, and to minimize the bureaucratic infrastructure of their network and process payments in real-time.

So, how is this used in affiliate marketing? Well, if we can harness the technology to suit the industry, we can use it to help decentralize data to help with tracking lead generation and to better suit the world of online marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is ever-evolving and each year, we uncover various uses for it. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it has given birth to a new branch known as Predictive Analytics. In fact, a lot of affiliate marketers are already using the said technology to help them increase their profits and earning potential.

For example, ContentSquare is a company that has just started using artificial intelligence to better understand customer behavior in order for them to craft strategies to make their digital marketing more effective.


The GDPR is a set of rules that provides new data protection mechanisms that will effectively replace the Data Protection Directive that was enacted way back in 1995. Affiliate marketers, before they can be effective in digital marketing, should be aware of these new guidelines first.

So, how will the GDPR change the affiliate marketing landscape? Well, first is that your targeted ads are going to be somewhat limited. For example, you are now limited to targeting to minors in accordance with the GDPR’s provision on the Age of Consent.

More Transparency

With the new GDPR guidelines in place, affiliate marketers should now be more transparent than ever before. If they would require some data from their customers, they must be transparent as to how they’re intending to use their information and everything must be stipulated on their terms of service.

Even if affiliate marketers are not the company that provides the products, they should still be aware of the new guidelines to ensure that they are not going to get in trouble.